Supports for our culturally diverse community

This page is designed to share information, resources and activities for culturally diverse community members.

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What you might find on this page

Multilingual information and services who can support community members who are culturally diverse.

We will update this page regularly so make sure to keep checking it out every week for new content to be uploaded regularly!

Mental health fact sheets for the Somali community

Banyule City Council have created some resources about anxiety & depression for Banyule's Somali community. The first two pages of each document (downloadable below) is written in Somali, and the second two pages is in English. These resources were designed by a young Somali-Australian person for other young Somali-Australians. They were also written in Somali so that they could be shared with parents of young Somali-Australians.

Australia's only multilingual resource library dedicated to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Including translations in Somali and Arabic

This website features translations that are available in 19 different languages. There is a combination of resources available including posters, sound bites and links to websites with translated information on the pages.

Multilingual services

Resources - Multilingual Resources on Coronavirus

DPV Health and the HWPCP have partnered with local community leaders Whittlesea Community Connections and Banksia Gardens to keep the community informed on COVID-19 and to ensure you are receiving your information from reputable sources. 

Download multilingual resources on Coronavirus via this link



In-language audio resources

The Victorian Multicultural Commission has audio resources that can be access from their website which are quite useful and could be played from a phone. Follow this link and scroll down to the section heading “IN LANGUAGE AUDIO MESSAGES”. Click on Download Audio Resources Now, and find the clip of the language you need for your client or family member.



The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact Sheet from

Updated throughout the day includes some of the new guidelines for self-obligation to self-isolate, visiting family in nursing homes and aged care, social distancing, how authorities are managing the outbreak in Australia, closed borders and restrictions to travel, and signs and symptoms and when to seek medical attention.

This factsheet is translated into multiple languages and is available through the SBS website.

Please check this website for updated information in your language-


Coronavirus (COVID-19) support for international students 

Study Melbourne is a Victorian Government initiative providing support and information to this community of international students, helping them have the best possible time while studying and living in Victoria.

Study Melbourne has developed a list of available resources for international student during Covid 19. The information is available in 11 languages.

International student emergency relief fund

The International Student Emergency Relief Fund will provide a payment of up to A$1,100 for vulnerable international students who have lost their job or had a significant reduction to their employment and are facing financial hardship as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Study Melbourne

SBS Radio 93.1FM - Accessing News and Radio Updates in Many Languages

SBS is Australia’s multicultural and multi-lingual broadcaster. It provides news services and media in many languages, and has daily radio broadcasts throughout the day. In addition to this, most of the ‘language groups’ have their own home page, on which there are links to articles, short radio bites, and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact Sheet (Federal Government which is translated into each language and updated regularly with the currently federal guidelines and key information throughout the day. You can go to the SBS website and find the times that the radio broadcasts take place then follow the link through the SBS Settlement Guide Landing Page. These pages also often have news items on the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding in their country of origin, produced by SBS news. Other news items on useful topics such as Centrelink payments, latest daily news bulletins and other items.

SBS Radio