Street Art

Melbourne is known for it’s dynamic and colourful street art community. This page is designed to show you some of the amazing street art pieces Melbourne has to offer, tips for mastering your art form and 'How To' tutorials”.

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New Hope

Here at Banyule Youth Services, we offer an opportunity for young people aged 12-25 who are involved in the graffiti community to be part of the “New Hope” program.  This program is designed around weekly workshops to engage young people using this art form in a legal and positive way and end each term with a legal mural within Banyule.

If you want to get involved or have any questions, please contact Lisa on 0427 833 321 or

Tips for moving from a hobbyist to a professional artist with JazMishap

JazMishap is one of our New Hope Street Art facilitators. JazMishap gives some tips to up your game on your side hustle by moving from a hobbyist to a professional artist.

Tips for keeping your energy up with Street Artist, JazMishap

"Sketchy Pen" with Street Artist AJ

7 Best Street Art & Graffiti documentaries

Want to watch some docos about street art – here are some good ones including; “Style Wars”, “Exit through the Gift Shop” and “Piece by Piece”.


“Street Art – the next space race” podcast

Street artists, advertising agencies and the authorities are in the middle of a space race.

It’s a lot less about little green men and much more about spray paint and stencils. But the stakes are still sky high. Artists are busy commandeering as many city surfaces as their paints will allow, authorities are trying to neutralise the threat, while advertising agencies are keen to clone the potency of hand painted art.

Edwina Stott steps into her space suit to find out what the future holds for street art.

Guests include;  Ben Eine - street artist, Alison Young - Francine V. McNiff Professor of Criminology in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Dr Cameron McAuliffe - Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography and Human Studies, Western Sydney University and others

Duration: 28min 52sec

Broadcast: Sun 10 Feb 2019, 10:30am

street art podcast

Street Art Melbourne Gallery Pinterest

Some epic Melbourne street art murals for your viewing pleasure!! Features walls by Rone, Adnate, Kaff'eine & More!

Where to find the best street art in Melbourne

“Time Out” have compiled a list of the where to find the best murals and graffiti in Melbourne which you can “see” from the comfort of your home. Includes links to free galleries! 

Melbourne Graf


100 Creative Street Art images

The attitude that art should be seen only in galleries is on its way out. This huge collection of creative street art will show you that city is probably the best canvas! Every wall, fence or column could be turned into an art piece. It brings smiles and raises eyebrows. It is closer to people than the best painting or installation shown in a art gallery. However, at the same time, bad street art can ruin a very nice downtown building making all neighborhoods seem run-down and uninviting. That’s why there will always be a debate whether it’s art or vandalism. Now take a look at these 100 examples of creative street art. How can something so beautiful and creative be a crime?