Sexual Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

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Sexual Health and Family Planning

Family Planning Victoria for young people
FPV focusses on health care, education and advocacy. They are a dedicated service that supports young people in making decisions about their sexual health and wellbeing that’s right for them.
Ph: 1800 013 952

The Action Centre - Family Planning Clinics
Great places for young people to go to find out and get assistance with contraception, sexuality and same sex attraction, unplanned pregnancy, STI testing, safer sex, sexual abuse and other sexual health issues. Services are free for those under 18

Family Planning Victoria Action Centre for Young People (under 25)
Level 1, 94 Elizabeth Street                                                                                                             
Melbourne (near Flinders St Station)
Drop-in Mon-Fri, 11.00am-6.00pm  (not appointment needed)
Ph: 9660 4700
Free Call 1800 013 952

Family Planning Victoria Clinic Box Hill (all ages)
901 Whitehorse Road                                                                                                                            
Box Hill (near Box Hill Station)
Drop-in Mon-Fri, 1.00-5.00pm (not appointment needed)
Ph: 1800 013 952

Banyule Community Health Service
BCHS offers bulk bill services regarding STI’s, sex and contraception at two locations. The service is staffed by community heath nurses who can provide young people with information regarding family support, financial help and dental as well as being able to offer referrals to other services.  
Ph: 9450 2000 (Heidelberg)
Ph: 9433 5111 (Greensborough)

ReachOut offer extensive and relevant information and online support about sex, intimate relationships and all those awkward things that it can be hard to talk about sometimes. The site allows users to go on and read up on stacks of info, without having to speak to anyone personally.

Youth Central
Information about sex, sexual health, sexuality, sexual assault and everything in between

Respectful Relationships

It is important that we feel safe and respected in our relationships.  Sometimes it can be confusing trying to work out what is okay - check out the links below for some more information and tips

What does the term "respectful relationships" mean?
Is your relationship moving too fast?
Feeling pressured to send photos of yourself?
What is and is not okay in your relationship?
Your relationship is not okay - what now?
I am worried about my friend's relationship

If you are in a relationship that you do not feel respected in, or you want to ask some questions about what is or is not okay, please feel free to call us on 9457 9855 or email us at

Berry St
Berry St is a welfare organisation that aims to support young people and their family. They provide individual resources for crisis and violence situations in the Northern Suburbs as well as help to foster stronger relationships for your family
Ph: 03 9450 4700
Fax: 03 9450 4701

Domestic Violence Resource Centre
Provides initial telephone support, information and referral services to assist people who have experienced family violence.
Ph: 03 9486 9866 Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Love, Advice and Stories
A great site about relationships for young people put together by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre.
Ph: 9486 9866

Bursting the Bubble
This website helps you to work out what's okay in a family and what's not. It tells you what you can do if someone in your family is hurting or abusing you or another member of your family.

The Line
This is a website for both girls and guys which helps you work out what is ok in a relationship and what might be crossing 'the line'

White Ribbon 
The White Ribbon Campaign is the only national violence prevention campaign, and it is unique in that it aims to raise awareness among Australian men and boys about the roles they can play to prevent violence against women. The campaign calls for men across Australia to speak out and take an oath. An oath swearing never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. The campaign culminates on White Ribbon Day (25 November) each year, when men and women across Australia are called to wear a white ribbon or wristband as a visual symbol of their commitment and oath.

Tell Someone
'Tell Someone' is a website aimed at educating people with a mild intellectual disability about family violence.


Family Relationships Advice Line
The Family Relationships Advice Line is a national telephone service established to assist families affected by relationship or separation issues.
Ph: 1800 050 321

Northern Domestic Violence Outreach (Berry Street)
Information, referral, support and crisis intervention as well as longer term casework support and counselling, for women and children who have experienced or are experiencing family violence and live in the Northern Metropolitan sub Region.
Ph: 9450 4700 (Berry Street)

Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service (24 hours)
The Victorian state-wide service for women experiencing violence and abuse from a partner or ex-partner, another family member or someone you are close to.
Ph: 1800 015 188

Centre Against Sexual Assault (24 hours)
The Centre Against Sexual Assault work to ensure that women, children and men who are victims/survivors of sexual assault have access to comprehensive and timely support and intervention to address their needs.
Ph: 1800 806 292

Victim Assistance Program
Practical assistance and support for victims of violent crimes that can also include access to specialised trauma counselling.
Ph: 1300 362 739

Victims of Crime Helpline aka (victim support helpline)
A support service for people who have been victim to a crime.
Ph: 1800 819 817

Aboriginal Family Violence: Prevention & Legal Service
The service provides assistance to Indigenous Australians who have been victim to family violence and sexual assault.
Ph: 1800 105 303

Assistance for Sexual Assault

Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)
Northern CASA is the regional sexual assault service for the northern metropolitan region of Melbourne covering the local government areas of Banyule, Darebin, Nillumbik and Whittlesea. Provides free therapeutic services to women, men and young people over the age of 12 who have experienced sexual assault (both past and recent) and their non-offending family and friends.
Ph: 9497 1768

Sexual Assault Crisis Line
Crisis counselling, information, crisis support and referral.
Ph: 1800 806 292 (After hours and weekends)
Police/emergency personnel, victim/survivor of recent sexual assault contact line.
Ph: 03 8345 3494

Children's Protection Society (CPS)
CPS have a team of psychologists and social workers who provide an internationally recognised specialist therapeutic counselling service for children and young people who have been sexually abused, children who are presenting with sexualised behaviours and young people who have sexually abusive behaviours. Please note a referral is needed to access this service.
Ph: 9450 0900