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Banyule Youth Services is dedicated to supporting the engagement of young people to promote positive health and wellbeing outcomes. This page is designed for schools to access a range of resources to support the engagement of young people in schools.  You may use our resources as additions to your online learning options for students.

If you would like to get in contact with our team regarding our content or opportunities to connect and support young people during this time, then please contact us at or call 9457 9855

Table of contents

Workshops for Secondary Schools in Banyule

Banyule Youth Services offers a number of different engaging workshops on topics that affect young peoples wellbeing. Our workshops are free, fun, discussion-based and include various practical activities.

Workshops include:

  • Life Hacks – young people and the law

  • Life Hacks – getting a job 101

  • Life Hacks –money and budgeting

  • Wellbeing & Selfcare

  • Safe Partying

  • Gender equality

  • Body Image

  • Bullying and Social Harassment

  • Media Literacy – understanding media messaging and bias

  • Music Vibes – music for mental health

  • Art vibes – art and mindfulness

  • Youth work 101 (for teachers) – Understanding adolescence and using strength based frameworks to support young people

  • Ditching Discrimination (for teachers) – LGBTQIAP+ and gender non-conformity

  • Building Boundaries​​​​​​
  • Supporting Friends
  • Queer-iesdiscusses the various ways that young people can be an Ally to LGBTQI+ Young people

If you are interested in finding out more or requesting a time for one of our youth workers to deliver a session in your school, please complete our '2021 School Workshop Request Form' here:

For more details on how we can support your school see the attached flier “Opportunities for Banyule schools 2021”

Life Hacks Booklet

Young people from the 2014 Youth Summit developed a recommendation that a handy information booklet is created for young people with information on important topics such as banking, tax, Medicare, enrolling to vote, getting your Ps and more. Life Hacks was so popular, a second edition has now been created with added topics such as health, travelling, all things money, insurance plus more!

Click the file below to download an electronic copy of the booklet, or contact Banyule Youth Services on 9457 9855 for a free hard copy.

Life Hacks

Life Hacks Workshops

Life Hacks workshops offer practical life skills in a fun and engaging session. These comprise a series of short modules that can be delivered consecutively or as stand-alone sessions.


Life Hacks: Money & Budgeting

This workshop aims to provide young people with a knowledge base around money and budgeting that includes when you need to get a bank account, the difference between debit and credit, Buy Now Pay Later, choosing a mobile phone plan, budgeting, financial support & health care cards, as well as how to spot a scam and avoid falling for it.

Money & Budgeting

Life Hacks: Young people and the law

This workshop aims to provide young people with an understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities when dealing with police, PSO’s, fines and offences. This workshop additionally covers content relating to sexting, sending pictures and consent whilst provides information about where to access legal support and/or self-help kits.

Your Legal Rights

Life Hacks: Getting a job 101

This workshop aims to break down the basics of getting a job and covers things such as types of work, resumes, applications, interviews, paying tax and superannuation and breaking down some workplace myths.

Tips and tricks to getting a job

Safe partying

This workshop aims to provide young people with a safe space to access information relating to substance use and harm reduction strategies. The workshop is discussion based and explores topics such as attending/hosting parties, what to do if things get out of control, tips for keeping safe and health/risk information related to common drugs and alcohol.

Safe partying

Media Literacy

A discussion-based & practical workshop to support young people to develop media literacy.  Discover what the intention behind media is, bias & the difference between facts, opinions and analysis.  In a time when we are constantly seeing media online and offline, find ways to understand what you are seeing and to practise “media self-care” to protect your mental health and personal wellbeing.

Media Literacy

Wellbeing & Self-Care

Emotional intelligence, resilience, wellbeing and mindfulness are all discussed in this interesting and fun session. Young people are supported to better understand their own needs and practical strategies to get through tough times. This session is great for groups and individuals to learn how to manage stress or difficult situations by implementing self-care strategies.

To watch a copy of this presentation on YouTube please head here:

To request a copy of the presentation on PowerPoint contact

Wellbeing & Self-Care

Gender Equality

This workshop is designed to build awareness of what gender equality means, areas in society which remain unequal and how the impacts people across ages backgrounds, income levels and gender identity. This workshop discusses gender stereotypes and how these are perpetuated both consciously and unconsciously.”

Gender Equality

Body Image

Our body image workshop explores online and offline influences that may be negatively impacting young people. This workshop is appropriate for all genders and unpacks the different messages portrayed by the media, advertisements and social norms. This workshop discusses the potential emotional, physical and social harm that can occur as a result of beauty “trends” and practical ways that young people can protect themselves whilst building positive self-concepts.



Art Vibes

A great way to explore mindfulness through creative art. Have fun playing art games that explore how art can be used to help you be in the moment. Leza supports participants to tune into their senses, to be mindfully present, and to enjoy the process of creating and experimenting with art. Art vibes does not require any previous art experience, just a willingness to have a go and join the fun.

Art Vibes

Bullying and Social Harassment 

Our newly developed Bullying and social harassment workshop seeks to unpack contributing factors leading to social harassment and violence alongside ways it is perpetuated.

This workshop has a strong focus on raising awareness of how the use of violence negatively impacts all persons including those using violence, victim/survivors and bystanders. The workshop outlines the short and long term impacts experienced by these groups and practical way peers and bystanders can help stop bullying and aid people using violence to get the support they need to stop. BYS recognizes wholistic support is needed to work with young people to survive and recover from bullying. We recognize that various workshops exist that focus on this, and so our workshop seeks that addresses the gap in resources and focus primarily on bystander/peer intervention and personal awareness.


Youth work 101

An introductory 45min online session which looks at the basic youth work framework and practical strategies, information & helpful hints for positively engaging with and understanding young people. Delivered by an experienced youth worker, this session aims to progress participants skills and knowledge of understanding & communicating with a young people, using an evidence based youth work frame work.

Youth work 101

Ditching Discrimination (for Teachers – LGBTQIAP+ and Gender Non-Conformity)

This workshop covers LGBTQIAP+ inclusive language, current statistics and issues experienced by Young people and practical ways to make schools and relationships safer places.

This workshop is designed to create a safe and empowering space to increase understanding of the need for schools to be informed about LGBTQIAP+ support needs, resources and develop individual confidence in approaching these topics with young people.


Building Boundaries 

This workshop is a strengths-based workshop that explores the importance of healthy boundaries within friendships, romantic relationships, families, employers and teachers. This workshop aims to provide practical tools for adolescents to try whilst developing resilience in managing difficult responses. A great workshop to support young people in returning to social settings after a long period of virtual based learning in the home.


Supporting Friends

This workshop aligns with the ‘RU OK?’ campaign and  explore practical tools young people can draw upon with their friends when they say they aren’t doing okay. This workshop encourages young people to seek support from youth workers/professionals however supports them to have the skills to hold difficult and courageous conversations until they can find support. This workshop was lucky enough to be reviewed by our Youth Focus group to incorporate feedback from young people passionate about mental health.



The Queer-ies workshop was developed in conjunction with our Teachers workshop ‘Ditching Discrimination’ to be delivered to students. This workshop was co-developed by BYS Rainbow Space group and discusses the various ways that young people can be an Ally to LGBTQI+ Young people. The workshop explores the vast impacts support and celebration can have on the health and wellbeing of rainbow youth.


Support from a Youth Worker

Banyule Youth Services also offers support, advice and information to young people, parents, carers and schools on a range of topics.  We have a “no wrong door” approach, which means that we will support anybody who contact us to find what services or referrals they need.

We do not discriminate and offer equitable service to all young people and their families.

To refer a young person to us or to find out more information, please visit our support page.

From Harm to Calm - Understanding and Responding to Deliberate Self-Harm 

This booklet has been created in collaboration with young people who have challenged self-harm. It contains some ideas for people who want to further understand self-harm, and support someone to find alternative methods and coping strategies to find some calm in their lives. Included in this booklet are activities, information and resources that may help reduce or stop self-harming. A list of contacts is also provided at the back of this booklet, for those who would like more information or help with self-harm or any other issues.