Music & Art Vibes - Workshops for young people

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We are now offering 2 new creative workshops that help young people to explore ideas, skills and thoughts about themselves through creative mediums. These 40 minute workshops can be great tools to share and work together. Staff deliver these sessions virtually via zoom online platform. Preparatory notes are provided to prepare your group.

Music Vibes

What is music too you, how do you use it? Join Simon to explore your favourite tunes and connect with others around music. A great tool for life to use music to reflect how you are feeling and work through things.


Art Vibes

A great way to explore mindfulness while being creative. Participants share their creations and talk about their work, a few simple drawing and art games are shared and ideas of how art can be used to express yourself.


More info: Please call us on 9098 8000 or email for more information and if you are interested on booking in a session. Bookings are essential.