Jets For Young People

What is Jets ?

Jets is Banyule Youth Service's creative arts factory for expression, connection and creation.  Jets is a multi-functional creative art studio, delivering a rainbow of amazing programs and activities for young people in and around Banyule.

At Jets young people have the opportunity to be themselves in a safe and supported setting. Jets is a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgemental space where everyone respects and celebrates each other. At Jets, you will be part of a community that supports and encourages you to explore your creative self.

At Jets you will be mentored by staff working in the creative arts industry. You will have access to a range of professional music and multimedia equipment, as well as art workshops, events and our annual flagship event YouthFest!  There are so many opportunities to pursue including getting gigs, on the job training, creative collaboration with other like-minded young people & making great things happen in your community.

Make your creative dreams come true at Jets today! 

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Welcome to Jets

Welcome to the world of Jets!

We look forward to working with you, to supporting and fostering your creative goals and aspirations. Come and join the positive culture at Jets and lets see what you can discover about yourself and who you want to be! At Jets we invite all young people who are interested in the creative industries to get involved and to develop skills they want to build on and explore!

Join the Jets community!

Arty Farty DJ 2018

What is a Jets Crew Member (JCM) ?

Banyule City Council invite young people to join Jets and to sign up to become a 'Jets Crew Member' (JCM).  Becoming a JCM is FREE! 

All Jets Crew Members get access to support services, musical instruments, art supplies, recording studios (for music, podcasts & production), rainbow programs, resources, multimedia software & equipment, work experience pathways training mentoring and more!!!

To become a Jets Crew Member, complete our 'Expression of Interest form' here: 

Find out about our weekly groups here:

What a Jets Session Looks Like!

Each week young people get together at the Jets creative arts facility to explore their interests.  It's a chance to hang out with like-minded creatives, work on your creative goals, learn technical skills, be mentored by industry professionals and explore your interests. 

Check out our social story below to see what coming to Jets might look like for you! 

Jets Lab

Want to find out more about Jets programs?

Check out the different ways you can get involved HERE! 

For information on WORK EXPERIENCE at Jets, check out the details HERE