Jets COVID Safety & You

Jets & Banyule Youth Services is committed to providing a welcoming and safe space for all our activities.

Jets/Banyule Youth Services (BYS) are guided by latest state government guidelines and Council advice to maintain the high quality of our delivery and optimise the safety of all people attending our service. You can read more about our commitments to the safety of young people on our 'Jets for Families and Carers' page.

We are committed to providing regular programming for young people. Young people will have the option to continue attending our groups online when restrictions are in place.

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What Jets are doing: Our COVID Safety Measures

  • Air purifiers to improve air quality have been added to the facility,

  • Increased cleaning of the Jets facility & regular cleaning of Jets equipment and gear,

  • Staff are trained in new cleaning routines & implementation, and all staff are fully vaccinated,

  • Hand sanitising stations provided throughout the facility,

  • Numbers of people at Jets is dependent on latest physical distancing requirements (tracked & updated regularly by staff),

  • All visitors must check-in with a QR Code on arrival using the Services Victoria app,

  • All people attending Jets will be required to sign in and out,

  • All people over the age of 12 years and 2 months (including young people attending programs) will need to be fully vaccinated to attend Jets Studios (and have proof of vaccination prior to or upon arrival), and

  • Jets will provide snacks offering individual packaged food and drink options, as appropriate.

Staff are updating our 'COVID-19 Information for Young People' page regularly with resources to the latest information; if you have any questions related to COVID-19, visit our page here. We also have a 'COVID Safe Risk Assessment' you can view below.

If you're looking for individual support for yourself or a young person in your life, head to our Support page HERE.

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What You Can Do: Your COVID Safety Responsibilities

If you are feeling unwell or have any of the following symptoms: fever, runny nose or a sore throat, please stay home. If you do attend with symptoms, you will be asked to leave.

  • Please stay home if you are unwell,

  • You must be enrolled in a program: please check with staff before attending Jets if unsure,

  • Face masks are to be worn* - Jets will have disposable face masks for you to wear and take home should you need one OR let us know if you are exempt from wearing a mask.

  • You must sign in and out! This helps staff keep track of who has attended Jets,

  • You must complete the Services Victoria QR code with your phone! You can check-in with a Jets iPad if needed,

  • You will need to provide proof of being fully vaccinated to attend Jets; if you need to know how to do this, find information on our COVID-19 Resources page or contact a staff member,

  • Please respect physical distance requirements*,

  • Please wash your hands, and

  • Avoid sharing food with others, Jets has single use water bottles on-site for you. Or bring your own!

*Depending on current restrictions

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Being Cyber Safe At Jets: Your Online Responsibilities

Things are a little different when we are all online. Our weekly programs are hosted on Zoom, click here if you would like help setting up or operating Zoom.

At Jets we want to ensure that everyone is kept safe when online. It is important that everyone participating in Jets/Banyule Youth Services groups online is practicing respectful cyber safety.


  • Where will you be? Set yourself up where you are comfortable and you don't mind other people seeing you and your surrounds,  

  • Consider your background. What can everyone see and who else is in your space,

  • Language is important: keeping spaces safe and supportive is important for everyone, especially online. Please use kind, considerate and inclusive language at all times,

  • Photos should NOT be taken of others in session: please do not take photos or video of anyone to ensure everyone's privacy,

  • Do not stream your session: please do not share your session on the web,

  • You can change your settings at anytime to mute or turn off your camera: do what makes you feel most comfortable,

  • Be aware of the information you may or may not want to share with others: when online you are in public,

  • Jets online sessions may be recorded: please let us know if you do not wish to be recorded,

  • Jets is a drug and alcohol free space online and in person, and

  • Let staff know if you need help or support. We are here for you! 

For more information regarding cyber safety please check out our BYS resources HERE

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All Banyule Youth Services (BYS) staff have official Banyule Youth Facebook Profiles.

BYS professional Facebook profiles are in line with BYS social media policy. Jets weekly groups usually have private Facebook groups for staff to share information & check in with participants (it is not mandatory for participants to join a Facebook group). As part of our induction process we cover  appropriate expectations of safe social media behaviours. Staff monitor conversations and respond as required.

Social media

If you become aware of content or conversations that are inappropriate, please notify staff immediately.