IN/VISIBLE Exhibition

This exhibition and associated performances explore the importance of visibility to the LGBTIQ+ community. Here, we highlight young exhibitors. See their artist profiles, works and online stores below.

Table of contents

Darcie Cotton

(pronouns: she/her)

My name is Darcie, and I am a 20 year old game design student and part-time convention artist! A lot of my work is centred around positive mental health, self identity and being open when it comes to tough conversations. I'm working on becoming the person that 'teenager me' needed and I hope that I can be that person for those in need too and help encourage others to open up and take care of themselves.

Purchasing Darcie's Art:You can find a range of Darcies designs on pins, stickers and more via her online shop here

Neek Christie

(pronouns: they/them, zhe/zir)

I am Neek Christie, an artist who uses multiple formats and such. We are more than our identity, we are ourselves. Our identity is a part of us, but not all of us.

Instagram: @thething._

Tumbler: ForeverForestThing

Purchasing Neek's Art: Please visit for Neeks full range of prints available as part of this exhibition. Art prints available for sale: A4 size, edition of 50. $30 each, contactless transaction, includes postage within Australia. Contact for print sales:

Abbey Simmonds

(pronouns: she/her)

I am 13 years old and live in Monty. I started making scrunchies because I thought it would be a fun way to learn how to sew. I also wanted a way to fundraise for my sister’s school which is called Giant Steps. $1 from every scrunchie sold will go to support kids with autism. I had fun making the rainbow pride scrunchies because I believe in equality for all.

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Julian Campomizzi

(pronouns: he/him)

Purchasing Julian's art: Art prints available for sale: A3 size, edition of 50. $40 each, contactless transaction, includes postage within Australia. Enquiries at


(pronouns: they/them)

I used to walk the halls, head down and feeling small. I used to hide behind my hair, a mask of my own making. I felt invisible because I made myself that way. I felt like nobody understood who I was, not even me. They called me a girl, but I felt out of place. I just wanted to run and play. I wanted to swing from the trees, get lost into sports, and not feel like I had to be someone else. I felt invisible, not who I was.

Slowly I started to find the words, and thought, maybe I don’t have to be so small
I could be proud and strong, just maybe one day I could feel tall.
I began to peel off the mask, little by little, growing inch by inch.
I’m not a boy, not a girl, I’m just me you see.
And I just want to be happy, happy with being me.

When somebody ignores me and holds onto my past,
they’re throwing that invisibility back onto me, like a mask.
Every day I try and take that mask off, for who I want to be
I don’t want to keep hiding from the world, I want them to see:
I am here, I am visible - I am me.

[12:15 PM] Naomi Simmonds 

Purchasing Danny's Art: Art prints available for sale A4 size, edition of 50. $30 each, contactless transaction, includes postage within Australia.  Enquiries at

Amelia Howes

(pronouns: she/her)

I’m Amelia. I’m 13. I started making jewellery as a hobby. One day, my teacher at school commented on my earrings and I told her about them. She suggested selling them at our school fete which I thought was an awesome idea! I sold out completely, and I loved seeing girls at school wearing my creations. I was then asked to be part of Banyule’s YouthFest a couple years back, embracing all things LGBTIQ . I made some fabulous rainbow inspired earrings and the comments I got and the excitement I saw from people who bought them inspired me to create more. Now, I love seeing the girls and boys wearing my creations.

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Lottie Liams

(pronouns: she/her)

Lottie Liams is a singer-songwriter sent from the heavens to serenade you and your house-plants.The 20-year-old has grown up in the thick greenery of the outer Melbourne suburbs and takes that with her everywhere she goes. Never afraid to stand-out in a crowd, Lottie is also an activist who wears her shaved head with pride, speaking out about her experience with chronic illness, and hoping to help others in the process.


Instagram: @lottieliams

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Zeiro Richards

(pronouns: they/them)

As a proud member of the LGBTQI community and passionate advocate, I wanted to create some fun, punny wordplay-based alternatives to traditional pride flags. These pieces represent my view on the diversity of the LGBTQI and show my connection to animals and the natural world. I also hope they bring some fun and joy to a community that is all too often marginalised and excluded.

I am a 20yr old queer, non-binary young person. I enjoy digital art as I feel you have a lot more freedom on placement, easier colour selection and opacity, and the ability to undo quickly.

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Art prints available for sale A4 size, edition of 50. $30 each, contactless transaction, includes postage within Australia. Also available as a set of postcards (10 postcard set) and sticker sheet (10 stickers on A4 sheet). Enquiries at

Darcy Scales

(pronouns: she/her)

With this film, I wanted to tell a story that captured the innocence of young love, and the naiveties that can surround the journey of identity as a teenager.  One of the goals was to help create a less hypersexualized reality around the world of young queer girls in films, and something that can cater towards a younger generation of LGBT people.

Short film: Sapphire (2019). Duration: 21:18. 16 year old Saffie finds her summer holiday slowly consumed by a wave of unfamiliar feelings towards a new friend.