Healthy eating & cooking at home

This page is designed to give you heaps of great tips and ideas on how you can take care of your health while at home through healthy eating & cooking!

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What you might find on this page

You can find videos about healthy eating & cooking, information and resources about staying healthy. This page includes videos, tips and even some activities.

We will update this page regularly so make sure to keep checking it out every week for new content to be uploaded regularly!

Virtual Y by the YMCA

The YMCA have developed a online platform for young people and the community called the ‘Virtual Y’. This online platform offers young people and the community free access to a range of online resources and activities. From keeping fit through workouts and training at home; learning all about nutrition with our delicious recipes and Healthy Living Magazine; looking after your wellbeing with mindfulness practices; learning with your family with home activities; to engaging with the youth community through their Youth Hub. Check out the Virtual Y here:

Virtual Y by the YMCA

FREE Cook Book - Easy & Healthy Meal Ideas

From the success of the "Food Food Food" cookbook Banyule Youth Services produced in 2019, we are excited to share a NEW FREE cookbook. This book has heaps of different easy & healthy meal ideas and options along with heaps of tips and tricks to make cooking more accessible and enjoyable for young people. We have also added in some ideas on how you can look after the environment & shop more ethically by making small changes.  

This is a free resource available for download via this link: Limited hard copies are available upon request. Contact us on 9457 9855 to discuss accessing a copy.

Recipe websites & resources

How to roast vegetables

Roast vegetables can be some much versatile that just a side dish to a roast lamb or chicken.

In this video you  will see how to cook delish roast veggies and also some fresh new ideas how to use them – on rice with pesto, in a burrito, buy themselves with gravy!   


Cook on the Green – A community collective cook book

This cookbook of recipes from local residents and collated by Greensborough Plaza is sure to have something for everyone and will inspire you to get busy in the kitchen. The cook book includes recipes such as Chicken wings, Cookies, Muffins, Gozleme, Chicken Chow Mein and more!!

Cook on the Green

Check out this awesome website that helps you find recipes by what you have in the pantry. You can simply put in what ingredients you have and it will find your recipes that suit your selected ingredients!


4 ingredient cooking

Don’t always have a lot of ingredients at home? Don’t want to do a big shop at the supermarket? Want to cook something simple and tasty? The 4 ingredient recipes are for you! Check out the link below for heaps of 4 ingredient recipes.


Seven recipes you can make in five minutes

How to manage your mood with food | 8 tips

Ever wonder how what you eat can affect your mood? Interested to find out how to better manages the sugar highs and carb crashes?

Check out this quick video for 8 tips of how the food you eat can improve you meed, improve memory and reduce stress.

No Knead Bread

This super simple no knead bread only has 4 ingredients and is super simple to make. It has been tried and tested by the youth team and it’s a winner!

Top Tips: for a healthier option you can use wholemeal flour.  This recipe is also great for adding flavours too – things like olives, cracked pepper and chilli all go great!

Free vegan cookbooks:

Vegie Delights - Go Veggie Today for a Better Tomorrow

Download HERE


The Vegan Cookbook by Urban FoodService

Download HERE


The BEST Spicy Cauliflower Wings EVER! 

They are intentionally vegan, and accidentally gluten-free, and you could easily make them without the use of any oil if you so desired.