This page is designed to give you heaps of great tips and ideas to help you progress your DJ training.

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What you can find on this page

You can find videos links about DJ Skills, information about music industry trends and activities to try out that can increase your DJ know how.  This page will include videos, tips and even some activities that you can save on your phone and laptop or print out if you want to.

We will update this page regularly so make sure to keep checking it out every week for new content to be uploaded regularly!

Tutorial: Digital DJ Tips with Simon from Jets

Turntable Tutorial with Simon from Jets

Simon from Banyule Youth Services takes you through a 'Turtables basics'. Learn how to scratch and take a look at a beat juggle technique.

History of DJ culture

Check out this article from the Passionate DJ that explains the history of DJ culture. 

DJing: A (Very) Brief Lesson in Early History

DJ history

Software Download

Have you ever wanted to give DJing a go? Now is the time! At Jets Creative Arts Studios, we use Traktor DJ software. You can download this software for free to a PC, Mac or IOS via this link. Jump in and have a go at mixing! We would love to hear your creations - send them to for the chance to get your tracks featured here & on our social media pages!

With Traktor, you can dive into DJing and start mixing your favourite tracks and record your very own mixes. DOWNLOAD HERE.


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Like this page to get up to date information on gear, instructional videos and heaps more

Streaming DJ Sets

Want to know how to stream a live DJ set? Check out these links that provide info about DJ streaming sets and ideas on making your sets awesome.'re%20an,of%20this%20platform%20for%20streaming.