Diamond Village Shopfront Mural

About the mural

This project was developed in partnership with local young people as part of the New Hope program. need more info here




Kardina Street, Watsonia 

 New Hope Street Art Program

Street art is for 12-25 year olds that are involved in the graffiti community. These workshops are designed to engage young people using this art form in a legal and positive way and end with a legal mural within Banyule.

This weekly program is for young people that are involved in the graffiti community. These workshops aim to enhance participants skills in art and the process of working on legal walls.

Throughout the year we run different workshops all over Banyule for young people who would like to learn more about this art form and learn new skills.

If you want to get involved or have any questions, please contact Lisa on 0427 833 321 or DM Facebook.

Street Art Mural Expression of Interest Form

If you know of, or own a wall that is being tagged a lot and think it would be a good place for a mural please, complete our online Expression of Interest

You can also check out our Street Art page on the Banyule Youth Portal - Keeping connected from home for heaps of resources, tutorials and more here: https://www.banyuleyouth.com/street-art-0

New Hope