Contribute to the 2019 Arts and Culture Program

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Expressions of Interest - NOW OPEN

In 2019, Banyule's Arts & Culture Program will celebrate and focus on the ideas, issues and identity of young people within our community. Young people engaged with our Youth Services Team will provide the framework for our entire 2019 program, and create a colourful program of artistic and community events.

We also welcome submissions from Banyule's creative and cultural sector that approach the theme laterally, and use it as an opportunity to build partnerships in the community or just an excuse for a creative celebration!

Whatever your ideas, we would love to hear them. We do not commit to support everything, but we might be able to connect you with another opportunity, or help you to promote your idea.

Submissions close: Saturday 30 June 2018

Online Applications only. Application form at the bottom of this page.

Enquiries to:


We ask that your proposals respond to this theme, with a focus on engaging with young people:

Title: We are a community of trees – a forest of people
Main Themes: Connection, diversity, community
Brief: A collection of trees, as a metaphor for people in a community

We are grounded, we are deeper than we look , don’t judge just by what you see,
There is a lot going on underneath. Roots run deep.
We are all different, heights, colors, shapes, backgrounds, gender diversity, experiences,
We are connected like branches reaching out, searching, embracing,
We can be as strong as a web, connected and resilient when together and supported

We love the idea of celebrating all the different people that make up our community.

We are looking for pathways opportunities, mentors, exhibitions to show different styles of art/expression of self.