Celebrating young artists - Nicole Bester

This page is designed to shine a spot light on Banyule's young artists and celebrate the fantastic art they're making and their contribution to the art community.

Nicole Bester

Nicole is a young artist who is passionate about making art and sharing the love of it with others. Nicole is the founder of a not for profit art organisation called AllheART. AllheART has been motivated by her love of art, by her own experiences living with a condition and by her strong desire to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of others. Nicole is an incredible advocate for the disability and chronic illness community and is a group member of the program Inc Art that is facilitated online with Jets every Monday afternoon.  During this time of isolation where many people may be feeling lonely, isolated and bored, Nicole and her sister are running a range of FREE virtual art, craft and wellbeing activities via ZOOM. You can get involved here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2607411856169283&id=2203974156513057&__tn__=-R

Nicole B

Do you have a favourite artist?

Yes. My favourite artist is Claude Monet. I am a huge fan of the impressionist artist movement and I am inspired by his use of the plein air technique and how he layers on the paint. His painting style is very similar to mine, not realistic, yet very beautiful. Claude Monet was inspired by nature and gardens and I also love pending time in nature and I love to paint and draw gardens. Do I have a favorite artwork by Claude Monet? No. There are too many of his artworks to choose from however I love his water lily series of paintings.

Art means a lot of different things to different people. What does art meant to you?
Art is very important to me because I have been holding a pencil since I was a baby. My grandparent's were both artists and they taught me how to draw and paint from a very young age and passed on their artistic talents to me. They have inspired me to continue on with my art even though they are now both no longer with us. They were very proud of me and I spent a lot of time around them when I was young and I feel connected to them whenever I draw or paint. I have many happy memories of drawing and painting with my grandparents when I was a child. When I draw and paint I feel like I can relax. It allows me to experiment with colours and express myself. I think whenever I am feeling stressed or going through a difficult time I turn to art and I want to share my art with the world and make others feel happy through my art.


What was the last art project you finished that you were pleased with?
I am very pleased with this painting I did of a koala back in January. I painted it with the hope to sell it to raise money for Australian wildlife affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia. I wanted to donate this artwork of mine because I am extremely passionate about giving back to the community and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share my artistic talent for a good cause. It was a very enjoyable process because in creating this artwork I knew I wasn't thinking about myself and I was very motivated to paint it because through creating this artwork I knew I would be making a difference in the community and helping Aussie wildlife affected by the bushfires. Of course there seemed to be many other fundraisers for the bushfires all going on at the same time and then Co-VID 19 came along and the news soon started to change and people started to forget about the bushfire victims so I wasn't able to sell it however I hope that one year on next year I can put it up for auction again.

I was also very pleased with how the artwork that I created in collaboration with other young people at Inc Art to celebrate International Day of People With Disability turned out. It was bright and colourful and stood out. We all worked really well together, sharing ideas to create the final large-scale artwork and got it done in 3 hours. We all had fun getting our fingers messy with pastel and pasting different bits of coloured paper on. I think Simon has a photo of it. I achieved what I intended with which was to raise awareness of International Day of People of Disability and celebrate their strengths and achievements.  


Do you listen to music while you’re making art – If so tell us who you are listening to now!

No. I like to be quiet when I paint and don't like to be distracted by music unless I am creating an artwork to the music or inspired by music.

Do you think you would like to make art as a career?
I someday dream of being an artist selling artworks however I don't plan on art being my full time career...although I wish it was but I am happy to take any commissions if anyone is interested. Maybe someday in the future. For now, art is just something I have grown up with and that I spend my weekends and any spare time that I have, doing. I prefer to engage in art as a fun hobby rather than a serious career because art is very special to me and creates positive happy memories. 

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What has been good about isolation and making art?

Nothing can stop me from doing art... not even being in iso. If there was nothing else for me to do, I would still have art. It has just meant more time to work on my artworks and also the opportunity to connect with other artists and people around the world via the virtual online world which I don't usually have the opportunity to do. For example it is often difficult for me to attend Inc Art due to the time it is run at and when it gets dark early when it is not Daylight Saving time, but now I can join sessions online and in the comfort of my home. Of course I don't have access to all of the supplies however I hope to be able to volunteer my time to continue to run online art and craft sessions a few times a year for those who may be unable to leave the house for whatever reason or who find it difficult to attend face to face art groups like I am  currently doing now.

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