Celebrating young artists - Ashanti

Do you have a favourite artist?

Good question I always like different artists for different reasons but if I had to pick one that inspired me the most it would be Jhonen Vasquez. (don’t put this in the actual inc arts conversation but just so you know I did spell that name right because he has quite a unique name.)

Why do you like this artist so much?

He has been a voice actor, a comic author, a director and an artist I want to achieve all those goals and having a person who has done it already it feels like I have more confidence to achieve those goals. I love his art style too it’s mysterious, creepy and scary and I love those elements in a art style so much.

Ashanti 2

Do you have a favourite artwork of theirs that has inspired you or influences your own work? Can you tell us why?

I don’t really have a favourite artwork from him but his cartoon series invader zim has inspired me a lot because it was so unique and stood out like a sore thumb in the 2000s because it was weird, freaky and sometimes even disturbing for kids to see and make you say how just how is this a kids show. I also adored the art style it avoided using curves and instead used pointy edges and again it was just unique, un-explainable unique.

Art means a lot of different things to different people. What does art meant to you?

Art to me is a way for people to express their feelings, heaps of people use art to get across to each other their passion, love or feelings for something like even just simple fan art of your favourite character expresses how much you love that character. You might feel like you need to vent out feelings in your art so it might be sad or emotional in your art.

Ashanti 3

Does art help you, how?

Art helps me with everything if art never existed I would probably not be here today. It’s helped me vent, it’s helped me express myself and it’s helped me go through the saddest times in my life it’s sort of like a friend because like a friend it listens to your emotions and gives you happiness and comfort.

Are there times when your feeling a certain way that you do more art?

Depends on my mood but school work is mostly when I do art because I listen better when I draw because I have a lot of thoughts during class but when I only have 2 things on my mind the drawing and the work it’s more clear it helps a lot. 

 Creativity is a real strength when making art. How do you stay creative?

Regularly watching cartoons or listening to music.

Ashanti 4

Why do you think this technique helps you to stay creative & inspired?

Cartoons and music I use to escape from the real world during that escape I sometimes get ideas or I like to call them random thoughts like what if I took this song and turned it into a person or a scene based off a lyric or the whole song I usually like to do this with lemon demon’s songs because of his lyrics in his songs. For cartoons I always find characters better in cartoons then any other forms of media because they feel like real people so I usually make characters based off of one or more cartoon characters.

What was the last art project you finished that you were pleased with?

I’m not always 100% pleased with something I feel like there’s always room for improvement and I think that’s a good thing but also a pretty bad one because I have a lot of unfinished sketches but I have been trying to make sketches into line-art and then colour by forcing myself and they’ve turned out well.

But if I had to chose one it would be the daisy I made it and I was like hey that’s pretty good.