Meet Our Team at Banyule Youth Services

Banyule Youth Services are a generalist youth service who support young people ages 12-25 years who live, work, study or spend time in the area of Banyule.  Our team includes qualified youth workers and facilitators.  As well as Staff who are experienced sound engineers, musicians, artists, disability support workers, events coordinators & advocates for young people.

To find out what about what the team can offer you, head to our Get Involved page

Leonie Farrell - Coordinator Youth Services

She/Her pronouns

Leonie oversees the whole youth service team, supporting staff and young people strategically to achieve great outcomes.
Leonie created the Banyule Youth Services Youth Plan 2018-2022, which oversees all actions the service undertakes.

Leonie is a great contact for local services and organisations who want to connect with our team or young people in Banyule.


Phone: 9457 9939

Mobile: 0439 395 967

Leonie Farrell Photo

Bec Lonie – Jets Team Leader

She/Her pronouns

Bec oversees the running of Jets Studios. She supports the Jets Staff, creative arts programs, pathways, community groups and events. Bec is responsible for creating a positive culture so that all staff, community groups and young people have an awesome experience when they visit Jets Studios.

Bec oversees our yearly youth festivals, including YouthFest and 2020's LiveFest.

Chat to Bec if you want to learn more about Jets Studios or education & training opportunities for young people.


Phone: 9098 8001


Bec Lonie Photo

Lisa Said – Youth Outreach Team Leader

She/Her pronouns

Lisa supports all casual staff members who work in the youth service, including our Youth Outreach & Program Support team.  This team of youth workers head into the Banyule community regularly to say hi to young people, promote our opportunities and offer support and information.

Lisa runs our Wellbeing portfolio.  She runs events and workshops for young people about taking care of your mental health and wellbeing.  Lisa also runs our school holiday events, which include free, cheap and fun things to do in Banyule for young people ages 12-25 each school holidays.

Lisa is also available for catch-ups with young people who need support one on one over the phone, in-person or via message.


Phone: 9457 9897

Mobile: 0427 833 321


Lisa Said Photo

Sadia Ali - Family Support Worker (Diverse Communities)

She/Her pronouns

Sadia is responsible for delivering high-quality, evidenced-informed, strengths-based, and community-led capacity building activities, support programs, workshops and events for parents, carers and families with a specific focus on CALD and Somali-Australian community members.  




Kieran West - Youth Program Officer

He/Him pronouns

Kieran oversees our Communications portoflio, running our website and social media pages to give young people information and support.

Kieran runs our Street Art and Hip Hop program called New Hope that runs on Wednesday evenings at Jets Studios.

Kieran also runs opportunities for young people to get involved in recreation activities such as Skate, BMX and Scooter Jams and Comps.




Jets Inclusion Officer

Position currently vacant

Our Inclusion Officer looks after our inclusive programming at our creative arts space Jets Studios. This includes band, arts crew & DJ’s. They ensure that young people with a disability are supported to attend our programs and events. 


Ruqia Mohamed – Youth Programs Assistant (Diverse Communities)

She/Her pronouns

Ruqia helps run and organise events for our diverse communities alongside our Youth Programs Officer and Family Support Officer. 

She also runs programs and events for AWAG, our African Women’s Action Group meant to empower and educate the young African women in our community.




Jay Mifsud Youth Intake & Programs Officer

They/Her pronouns

Based out of Jets Studios, Jay facilitates the Jets Events team on Tuesdays and is the Intake Officer who brings young people onboard into the most suitable program for their personal and creative goals.

Jay supports the Jets Events team with tasks such as conceptualising, developing and managing all ages events and projects. Jay works with Jets Participants who are interested in a career in the creative industries to collaborate on events and projects to build up their skills and networks - this can also include regular posting of opportunities on the Jets Crew Noticeboard. Interested in chatting with Jay about Jets Events, or other Jets offerings? Find them around Jets weekly on Monday and Tuesday 4:00PM to 7:00PM, or contact them at the below. 


Jets Studios: 9098 8000

Mobile: 0434 187 511


For artists interested in playing at Jets Events, click here

Jay Mifsud

Saeed Ahmed - Youth Programs Officer (Diverse Communities)

Saeed is working predominantly with Somali-Australian young men.  He is providing a range of events, opportunities and programs for young men.  Saeed is also be available to catch-up with young people and provide individual support and referrals assistance.



Phone: (03) 9490 4222 

Mobile: 0481 053 420




Leza Cullen - Jets Intake & Program Officer

She/Her pronouns

Leza takes care of enrolments at Jets Studios. Leza works with young people at Jets to support them into finding a weekly group or activity that is a good fit for them depending on the young persons skills, interests and abilities. 

Leza also facilitates our IncArt visual arts group. IncArt brings young people with all abilities together in a fun group setting to learn about the visual arts by exploring art and trying out art techniques, playing art games and working with local guest artist.  Sessions are facilitated every Monday 4pm - 7pm.

To get involved complete the Join Jets form HERE or give Leza a call she loves a chat. 

To get involved email Leza directly at 

Jets Mobile: 0411 267 427

Jets Studios: 9098 8000

Leza's facebook

Leza C

Caitlin McKimm – Jets Youth Programs Officer

She/Her pronouns

Works Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Caitlin facilitates our Jets Production Crew, the Jets MixTape Project, and our Podcast Program.

Jets Production Crew undertake a variety of projects during the term covering all things production, including live sound and lighting, AV, broadcast and live streaming, studio recording and more! This group meets at Jets on Tuesdays from 4-7pm. To find out more or join, contact Caitlin directly at  


Jets MixTape Project supports young emerging musicians in Banyule who would like to promote their work more broadly in the community. Artists have the opportunity to record a track at Jets to contribute to a Jets MixTape release. To find out more and get involved, contact Caitlin directly at  


The 'NoteWorthy' Podcast facilitates young people to tell their stories, share their insights, and champion the causes important to them. If you would like to find out more, or have a story you would like to share, visit here:   

Jets Studios: 9098 8000


Small Caitlin

Maddi Cooper – Youth Engagement Officer

She/Her pronouns

Maddi is available for catch-ups with young people via supported referrals and facilitates the Rainbow Space program for LGBTQIA+ young people, friends and allies aged 14 – 24 years.

Maddi supports local secondary schools by delivering workshops for students and also organises consultation opportunities for young people in Banyule.


Phone: 9490 4222

Mobile: 0481 003 524


Kate James – Youth Engagement Officer

She/Her pronouns

Kate is available for catch-ups with young people via supported referrals.  Kate oversees the cultural diversity portfolio in our team and facilitates the African Women’s Action Group (AWAG) which helps to empower and educate young African women in our community.

Kate oversees the Banyule Nillumbik Youth Services Network (BNYSN) by running workshops and training for people who work with or support young people in Banyule/Nillumbik.


Phone: 9457 9929

Mobile: 0428 522 656



Duncan Stephen - Jets Facility & Technical Administrator

He/Him pronouns

Duncan takes care of the Jets facility and all of our amazing resources and equipment. Duncan overseas the live stream of Jets & Banyule City Council events and activities.

Duncan uses his industry skills as a musician and sound engineering to support young people in the Jets Production / Live Events crew & the Jets music production program, MixTape. 


Jets Studios: 9098 8000