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Banyule Nillumbik Youth Services Network (BNYSN)

The Banyule Nillumbik Youth Services Network (BNYSN) is the major connecting body for youth services across the region, covering a breadth of issues affecting young people, and including workers across of range of fields who engage with and support young people.

Alongside Nillumbik Youth Services, Banyule lead and support the network under the guidance of the Executive group which has a membership of over 15 agencies. The Executive group meet monthly for high level networking, strategic planning and advocacy to different levels of government for the benefit of young people and the workers who support them. For contact with the Executive group please contact us 9457 9855 or email


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Youth worker forums and other opportunities

The BNYSN provides great FREE or low cost opportunities for workers on the ground to increase skills, network and share information. If you have other ideas of how we can help you please get in touch. Registrations for all events can be found here

  • BNYSN Youth Worker Forums are held at least 4 times a year, including professional development and networking opportunities. Topics for the sessions reflect the presenting challenges and emerging trends of the Banyule and Nillumbik area to respond to the needs of workers.
  • Hit The Ground Running is a full day program, run 3 times a year, to induct new workers into our area. A great opportunity to introduce workers to 10+ local services and includes lunch, networking and reflective activities.
  • BNYSN Yammer group is a social media platform with over 400 members from Banyule, Nillumbik and surrounds who promote, share, ask questions and connect.
  • E-newsletter will now be delivered quarterly and will include updates from the network, handy tips, member bio’s and more. Sign up here below

BNYSN COVID-19 Sector Consultation Report

BNYSN conducted a sector consultation which explored the impacts COVID-19 has had on local service delivery and common trends services found when it came to young people, access to services and methods of engagement. You can download the full report below. 


Find out about the FREE workshops and opportunities by Banyule Youth Services to schools in the Banyule region: