Bedroom Life Hacks + DIY tips

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Christie from Florandorder is an expert in organisation, clearing out clutter and helping busy people to manage their time!
In this special workshop on the school holidays for young people aged 12-25, Christie will teach you how to set up the perfect study space, make sure you have a place to relax in your room & help you feel organised as you head into the second part of the school and uni year.

Learn about "bedroom zones" - separating the place you sleep, with the place you study and the place you hang out.. Plus, find out some nifty DIY tricks for keeping your room and space organised

Please book your spot, as we only have limited places:

Finger food provided. The session is FREE. You will also get some free goodies to take home to start you on your DIY Life Hack journey.

For more information, call Banyule Youth Services on 9457 9855 or send an Inbox message to our Facebook page