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Banyule 100 celebrates all that is positive about young people – their contribution to our community, their talents, opinions and achievements.

This project aims to cast a spotlight on 100 significant people in the Banyule community – those who are either young people aged between 12 and 25 or adults contributing positively to the lives of young people.

We welcome your nominations, whether you self-nominate or nominate someone you know. People inducted into the Banyule 100 hall of fame are selected against a set of criteria and are then photographed and interviewed about their achievements.

Banyule 100 was originally the idea of local young photographer, Sean Porter. It has developed over time to include other young photographers and a number of young writers.

Banyule 100 has uncovered some outstanding members in our community whose stories will inspire including Amy Bryans who held the role of Youth Premier at a recent Youth Parliament and Stephanie Livingstone who has returned from her fifth visit to a village in Indonesia where she voluntarily teaches English .

Banyule Youth Services proudly support this project as a means to showcase the positive role young people play in our community.

Nominate someone or follow the project’s progress simply by visiting or liking us on facebook.

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