Artist Profile - Maia Goldstein

Maia Goldstein

Instagram: @may_gold_art, new followers very welcome.

Do you have a favourite artist? I have so many, but my number one favourite is Mirka Mora.

Why do you like this artist so much? I love the vibrancy and detail of her art, and her art style is just so interesting and beautiful. Her style is very individual, and her art has influenced my art a lot.

Do you have a favourite artwork of theirs that has inspired you or influences your own work? Can you tell us why? It’s more her whole art style rather than one artwork in particular. Her work is very detailed, and the colours are just gorgeous.

Art means a lot of different things to different people. What does art mean to you?

Art means the world to me. It is both an escape and a way for me to feel more grounded and present.

Does art help you, how?

Art helps me make sense of what goes on in my mind and gives me a way to express myself when I can’t quite find the words. I’m very shy by nature and art gives me a voice and I think makes up for what I don’t (or can’t!) say. It also calms me down when I’m anxious which is very helpful indeed.

Are there times when you’re feeling a certain way that you do more art?

Not really. I can be happy and want to create art. I can be sad and want to create art. And sometimes I can be either or neither of those things and just not be in the mood for art.


What was the last art project you finished that you were pleased with? The last artwork I made that I’m happy with I used watercolour pencils, watercolour brush pens and fineliners.

What was the process of making this art like? Easy, enjoyable, hard, painful.  You knew from the get-go what you wanted to do? It just happened! Please explain! I didn’t really know what I wanted to draw when I picked up my pencil, so I just decided to draw an eye because that’s always fun. And then I drew a cyclops. And then I added some patterns. And then I added colour to it. It was pretty fun; I love picking bright colours that don’t really go together and trying to make them go together.

What did you love about making it? I love doing lots of little details and so I loved drawing this, I also love using my watercolour brush pens because they’re a lot of fun.

What did you like/ proud about when you had finished it? I like the expression on her face and the colours, and I was proud of myself for not hating it which happens a lot with my art. Imposter’s syndrome and all that I suppose.


Do you listen to music while you’re making art – If so tell us who you are listening to at the moment! I always listen to music when I’m making art because of my synaesthesia which I mentioned above. Some of my favourite musicians and bands right now are Amy Winehouse, Jane’s Addiction, Janis Joplin, Mo’Ju, Mazzy Star, Blonde Redhead, David Bowie, Ray Charles, and The Kinks.

Why is this good art making music for you? Music is just as much about what I see as what I hear, and these artists all sound big I guess, as in there’s a lot going on in their music, and that influences what the music looks like, and that in turn influences what my art looks like. I love jazz, alternative rock, and classical the most though because those kinds of music look the best.

 Do you think you would like to make art as a career? Heck yes! That would be fabulous.

What would be your dream job be? Well there are a lot of things I want to do with my life. But one thing I’d really like to do is create graphic novels, because it would be combining two of my passions – art and words. But if you ask me that again in a month, you’ll probably get a different answer.

 What has been good about isolation and making art? I have way more time to draw, more time than I would if I was rushing around all over the place. I’ve already filled up half a sketchbook! Not all of it is good, mind you, but crappy art is better than zero art. Also, for school we have calls for each class and I can draw through whole conversations and nobody knows. Can’t exactly do that when talking with someone face to face because it would be rude. I guess it’s kind of rude regardless if they can see my face or not… but they can’t see me so who cares! Sorry to my classmates.

Do you think this is something you can continue with when we go back to our regular routines? I’d like to say yes, but probably not.