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This page is for people who enjoy art or who are looking to try something new and creative! We have put together some of the best resources and ideas for you to explore and check out. 

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What you might find on this page

On the ‘Art at home’ page you will find heaps of cool art activities to inspire you! We have tried to think of activities that will keep you busy, are affordable and that may inspire art you may already be exploring or making. Take a look and have ago!

Get involved

We run a weekly free visual art group that comes together via online sessions every Monday night from 4pm during the school term. This group is for young people ages 12-25 who want to explore visual art, meet like minded young people and learn some new skills. Check out how you can get involved here:


Art activity of the week!

Tutorial: Dye your own clothes at home with natural plant products. How you can naturally dye clothing just using things from the grocery store! In this video, 'My Green Closet' will share share a couple pieces dyed using yellow onion skins and red cabbage.

Tutorial: Use turmeric to dye something at home. Enjoy learning how to make this natural turmeric dye at home! It's an easy way to DIY dye your clothes and can help you up-cycle fabric you already have! This is the easiest and most effective dye from plants that I've made so far. Learning to make non-toxic, natural dyes is one way

Tutorial: Tye Dye FoldsWatch and learn Basic Patterns in Tie Dye

Tutorial: How to eco-print felt with leaves and dye How to eco-print felt with leaves and dye - full process, shares all the details you need to know to eco-print plant material onto felt. This video shows how to mix traditional with modern, by using natural leaves with sapphire blue synthetic dye. So this one is not not for purists.

Celebrating young artists

Banyule Youth Services is casting the spot light on young artists and showcasing their art & creative journeys. This weeks artist is Maia Goldstein

"Art helps me make sense of what goes on in my mind and gives me a way to express myself when I can’t quite find the words. I’m very shy by nature and art gives me a voice and I think makes up for what I don’t (or can’t!) say. It also calms me down when I’m anxious which is very helpful indeed."

To find out more about May's art journey, click here:


‘The Jets Take a deep Breath Book’

A free downloadable resource that includes art activities, support and more!

Get inspired 

Free Info and Art Downloads -

Artyfactory's free art lessons share the knowledge and understanding of art and design to improve your artistic skills and to increase your enjoyment in creating artworks.

The lessons explore a variety of drawing, painting and design techniques across a range of subjects and styles. In each lesson you will be lead through an illustrated step by step development of the artwork from its initial stages to the finished example.

Art factory

Free resources

Free Pixal Art app

Log on to this website – its free ! Make cool pixal art


Free downloadable Colouring pages 

Find super cool free colouring pages –Chill out and relax while colouring!

Just colour