The Banyule Youth service is part of the Banyule City Council. Banyule Youth Service values, engages and empowers young people between the ages of 12 - 25 years who are living, going to school, working or socialising in the Banyule community.

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Banyule Youth Service offers information, activities, resources and support options for young people and their families, and also provides strategic and operational advice to the sector and other Council service units on issues that affect young people.

For more details on any of the information listed please call 94579855.


Banyule Youth Services runs a number of fantastic activities for young people throughout the year including street art, Banyule gay straight alliance, FReeZA music and arts events, various social groups, a large youth festival (YouthFest), skate, scooter & BMX competitions, youth programs, school holiday activities and much more!

For further details about what activities are happening right now go to the What's On page or check out www.facebook.com/banyuleyouth for more information.

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Need Help?

Are you looking for local information about services that offer assistance to young people and their families? We have a number of local services listed on our website including counselling options, family support services, employment, education and training assistance, same sex attracted services, alcohol and drug support, housing help and much more. See the "Need Help" page for details or message us at www.facebook.com/banyuleyouth




Jets is an arts and cultural youth facility located in Bundoora which provides a range of programs and activities for young people. Facilities include a music recording studio, rehearsal rooms, a multimedia training room and dedicated community space. Jets' focus is to provide a safe place for young people, promote social connectedness, build personal and technical skills and to encourage self expression through music and the creative arts. Jets also hosts FReeZA, a committee of local young people who organise drug and alcohol-free music events throughout the year.

Jets is based at 2/24 The Concord, Bundoora.


For information call 9098 8000 or email: jets.music@banyule.vic.gov.au or visit our facebook page  www.facebook.com/Jetsbundoora

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Banyule Youth Charter and Advocacy

Our Youth team promotes opportunities and activities that actively engage young people in all aspects of Council's decision-making process.

The Banyule Youth Charter is an agreement between Council and young people about sharing decision-making. Council uses a number of ways to do this including consultations, working alongside and with young people in working parties, supporting summits, forums, and youth participation networks. 

The Charter sets out agreed principles for young people and Council that guarantee the voice of young people is heard and acted upon.
To get involved or for information contact 9457 9855 

Banyule City Council Youth Plan 2018 - 2021

The Youth team has recently launched the new Youth Plan which will inform the strategic direction and priorities for the next 4 years. 

Accompanying the Youth Plan is the Action Plan which assists in demonstrating how priorities will be achieved.

The plan was developed in consultation with local young people, agencies and other community stakeholders.

The Youth Plan and Action Plan are available for download below, alternatively if you would like a hard copy of the plan, please contact Banyule Youth Services on 9457 9855 or email banyuleyouth@banyule.vic.gov.au

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