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You can find videos about self-care, information about mental health and activities to try out that can increase your feelings of calm and relaxation.  

If you want more information about our wellbeing initiatives please contact Lisa Said on lisa.said@banyule.vic.gov.au or contact Lisa on 0427 833 321


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Our youth workers are available to provide 30 minute support sessions online or on the phone to young people, parents and families. For more information click here.

We have a range of other support information which include:


Weekly Wellbeing Tips! 


The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne have some great resources for parents/carers to support Mental Health & Wellbeing for adolescents.  CLICK HERE to access “Mental Health – adolescents” fact sheet, podcast episode, “Anxiety in children & teens” & video “Supporting your child’s mental health” with leading experts & more

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How to use this resource

This book has been designed as an introduction to wellbeing that is easy to navigate and has something for everyone. You may choose to read through page by page or jump straight to a section that feels most important for you at the time.
You may choose to only use this book at times of heightened stress, but for the greatest benefit to your wellbeing we encourage you to develop regular habits to improve your wellbeing.

There is also reflection & activity pages at the back which you might want to fill out and refer to. All the topics covered are introductory and we encourage you to seek out further information on topics that you find interesting and beneficial.

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Try Making a Self-Care Toolbox


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How to practise mindfulness

Drawing the breath

In mindfulness the focus is often about observing the breath.  But what if you find that hard, you get distracted, and it can feel “boring”.  What about if you can doodle whilst you are observing your breath, what if it looks really cool, what if you could record this in your journal to see daily how you can increase your mindfulness practice.  Check out this short clip to see how it is done.

The world’s most relaxing film

Big claim hey!?  This film was created using the advice of experts from the fields of stress, mindfulness, nature therapy, medicine and music therapy. The film was recorded on the West Coast of Zealand (Sjællands Vestkyst), in Denmark.  It is a short video of 7 minutes and starts with a sunrise & ends with a sunset.  Go on, give it a go & see for yourself.

Self-care and Wellbeing Workshop

At Banyule Youth Services, we support young people with their health & wellbeing.  We believe that it is important for young people to understand how their mind and body works so that they can create a healthy headspace.  Self-care is a practise of doing things that can calm and relax us, distract us from worries and help us to seek out support if we need it. Download our informative workshop which includes information, advice and activities that you can do from home to practise self-care.

This workshop can be delivered online or in person (as restrictions allow) If you are interested in finding out more or requesting a time for one of our youth workers to deliver a session in your school, please complete our '2021 School Workshop Request Form' HERE