Student Placement

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Placement with Banyule Youth Services

Banyule Youth Services are not currently taking any student placements.  If you would like to speak to someone in our team about other potential organisations to try, please contact us on 9457 9855.

ALL Tertiary Placements (TAFE & University) at Banyule Youth Services including Jets creative arts facility

Within the Youth team we have various opportunities throughout the year for placement hours at both our Greensborough site and Jets creative arts facility in Bundoora.

Placement opportunities are however filled very quickly due to high demand and unfortunately we are unable to accommodate everyone. Please be aware that because of the nature of our work and confidentiality reasons much of what we can offer (around 60-80%) will be office based, small project work with an allocation of 2-3 days a week. 

If you would like to proceed with a placement request please send an email to and address the following criteria:

  • Please attach a resume
  • Please attach a scanned copy/photo of your license and WWC card (back and front).
  • Please specify what course you are undertaking.
  • Please specify what your placement requirements are - hours required and your availability (both during the day and evenings). Also when you would like to undertake placement.
  • Please specify any relevant experience in working with young people
  • Please specify why you would like to work with young people and what you hope your placement at Banyule would offer you. Are there any specific areas of our youth team that you are particularly interested in.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 9457 9855 or